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Trump Fashion-Inauguration Details

I can’t help it, I HAVE to switch Saturday Simple Sewing How-To’s with Wednesday Fashion Watch this week…….

No politics – just FASHION WATCH in my new  Trump Fashion Watch posts (a new category on my Blog!) to just what I see/guess in the fashion of the new 1st Family.  What you read here is MY opinion, my point of view.  Take it or leave it…but I just can’t refrain.  Most of the time my comments won’t include the designers’ names, etc., but comment instead on the fabrics, overall silhouette, sewing techniques I see….  This will be DELIGHTFUL!!!!!  YOUR comments are most welcome.  Just realize I need to ‘monitor’ them for the crazy people out there, so they won’t immediately ‘pop up’ until I’ve done so.

I was supposed to be sewing on a dress I need for my sister’s wedding next Saturday, but I could not help but keep hopping up to take photos of the inauguration.  Here is what my hubby snapped!

pictures of the pictures…

You’ve all seen photos of the amazingly GORGEOUS, CLASSY ensemble Melania wore for the special day.  But here are some close-ups.  I think we’ll be calling this neckline collar either the ‘Trump Collar’ or the ‘Melania Collar’. I’ve admired this silhouette for years – and even put it into one of my own jacket patterns, VISION.

 What I’d LOVE to know is how it fastens – is that a covered hook there?  It doesn’t appear to be a button.  What is the fabric of this great ensemble?  My guess – especially because it did NOT wrinkle across the seat despite her being in the ‘Beast’ car along the parade route – is that it is a WOOL DOUBLEKNIT.  Perhaps even felted.  That would have made it quite warm.  Look at the close-ups I got right off my TV.Fabric Update:  I’m told that it was reported that this is CASHMERE!

AND AND AND, Shoulder pads will be BACK with a vengeance!  The black 2 piece suit she wore to get to Washington on Thursday for SURE had shoulder pads – as in my humble opinion – any properly tailored jacket should have.  On these Dolman Sleeves, you can be SURE there are nice rounded shoulder shoulder pads as well.

A closer look at her body shape and the dress underneath…

Well – I dunno about you, but while I’d LOVE to have her derriere silhouette, I hope my back isn’t quite this rounded.  She definitely needs a broad back AND forward shoulder alterations! Nancy commented below (and I agree as well) that she must have been tired and slouching in this photo as we certainly have not seen this curvature in other clothing – like the inaugural gown. That aside, look closely at the darts on this funnel neckline – I think they are on the OUTSIDE!  I also think those are raw edges on the shoulder seam and the armhole.  All quite possible of a wool doubleknit or felted fabric.  What do YOU THINK???

And the length of her skirt – lovely just below her knee.  What I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to know is if she wore hosiery!  I’ll bet my bottom dollar that indeed, she DID!

Personally, if I had had the day ahead of me that she did, I’d have paired a grey boot with the ensemble myself, but no one asked me!

More on Ivanka’s striking angled, flounced Coat and Pant another time.  But, the coat on the other Trump  really had me  mystified – the dark buttons on the light coat, and the number of them….. and the gap.  I just didn’t ‘get it’.  But again, what do I know?

Her Inaugural Ball Gown was equally GORGEOUS!!!  I definitely would have created this of 4 ply Silk Crepe and I’ll just bet it is.  That is the most luxurious drapey, full-bodied fabric in existence in my humble opinion. And the detail – probably Silk Organza.  Bias cut, of course to do what you see happening here.  Absolutely delightful!

YOUR thoughts?  Chime in – It’s gonna be a REALLY REALLY fun 4 years of FASHION to watch, girls!

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