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TOP PRIORITIES: Londa’s Upscale Techniques for Knit Tops Talking™ Instructions RELEASED

YEAHH!!!!!!!!!! ‘ Birthed’ a new product – and has it ever been FUN!

Full Cover for Upscale Techniques for Knit Tops

Full Cover for Upscale Techniques for Knit Tops

This image is of both the front and back covers.  With Pamela’s permission, , I’ve ‘piggy-backed’ onto Pamela Leggett’s #104 The Perfect T-Shirt Pattern, adding techniques from my years of sewing and teaching experience (AND recent learning!) and also cited other popular designer’s techniques in this new ‘TALKING’™ document.  Yes – I’ve also recorded my now infamous AUDIO instructions to go along with photos of steps for all the techniques!  You get that audio link to listen to/watch online WHEN you purchase the product!  Basic techniques are included – and they are SO important.  However, please note that the cover of this booklet also includes some photos of embellishments that will be in an upcoming Nifty Necklines booklet – due for release Feb.20.  I have stated this on the back cover of this booklet.  I just want to perfectly clear that it is BASIC and NECESSARY techniques that are included in this booklet.  These techniques will NOT be repeated in the futureTop Priorities booklets – rather build upon these basics.

This collection  of basic techniques and Pamela’s Pattern combine to make the backbone of my new embellishment series:  TOP PRIORITIES – which will feature innovative, creative techniques to create wonderfully interesting and intriguing Knit Tops  …..  ala the genre of those you can buy at Chico’s, Coldwater Creek, Talbots – etc. where they command upwards of $79 for a simple top!!!   Have I ever been having FUN!!!!  The subsequent TOP PRIORITIES products will become available asap – the next few months.

Here are some photos…  don’t miss my feline ‘helper’ in the last one.    On a run….. but quick hint first:  STORE CLEAR ELASTIC in the dark – like in a drawer!  Otherwise – the light makes it brittle!!!!! 

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