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Sweater Up-Cycle Sewing Jacket

Updated: May 26, 2022

Fun with Sweaters and a Scarf

This is a re-fashion/up-cycle creative sewing project that is easily to duplicate yourself! All you need is a REALLY big, long sweater, another sweater, and a long scarf or some coordinating woven fabric.

Here’s what I used:

  1. Men’s Extra Tall XL red sweater – this is the base garment with diamond texture.

  2. Felted Wool – this can be a wool sweater that you have washed and dried several times. I used a felted wool knit ‘sleeve’ from my stash – which became the right front yoke, a patch on which the buttons are stitched and the lower left pocket

  3. Cut Velvet Silk Scarf – this scarf was too short when I made it, and has been hiding in my ‘red stash box’. It is a woven fabric. You could purchase any garment of woven fabric that you like…it just needs to NOT stretch.

  4. Additional binding – I had to utilize a bit of stretch panne velvet as I didn’t have enough ‘fabric’ in the scarf to cut bias grain to go around the back neck. I also used it at the lower edge of the right yoke, and the upper edge of the pocket to ‘connect’ it visually.

  5. Buttons! I used three: 2 the same, 1 different in the middle position.

The binding technique I used is what I call ‘Strap Seams’.

To do these, you stitch the ‘seam’ wrong sides together, adding a strip of woven binding on the top as you stitch – raw edges all matching. Calculate how wide you need the binding ‘strap’ before beginning to allow for the following:

  1. seam allowance (I use 1/4″)

  2. how wide you want to ‘see’

  3. turn under (1/4″)

As I started to work on this project, I realized it could be ‘repeatable’… ‘sew’ I snapped pics and videos along the way. It has turned into a Video Tutorial that you can purchase. Watch a sample video below. Click HERE to purchase the entire 45′ long video tutorial. It is $10, but ‘on Sale’ for a week for $7.

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