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SWAP – Sewing with a Plan – Londa’s NEW Travel Wardrobe

OK – so yes, I do sometimes travel NOT for business, and I’ve recently been inspired  finally create a travel wardrobe – purposefully, carefully, and VERY coordinated! This is really nothing new, but it is for me!  All the years I ran a fabric store, I just stitched up whatever fabric and pattern I needed to push/sell.  Then…my sweatshirt jackets – and now – my Artistic T’s… and I feel as I design/sew I have to select all different colors so as to catch the eye of all types of gals – color preferences, etc.

Here is my STASH – recently collected from shopping at the sewing expos – YES, I SHOP Too!  Now – when Spring finally arrives, I’ll go through my wardrobe with a fine tooth

Stash for Sewing with a Plan

Stash for Sewing with a Plan

comb looking for coordinates to work in…I’m sure there will be some.  Sew – stay tuned… and watch my Pinterest Board as well!  If you’ve done this – be sure to share with me!

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