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Stop ‘Shoulding’ myself to death!

God yelled at me yesterday! Through a book I was reading and finished up. One Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury. It is wonderful. A hard one to read – as it deals with a story about 9/11 tragedy, but very meaningful. Yep – I’ve been on a treadmill to put out a DVD on embellishing techniques – but it has been driving me crazy – and my family. SEW…all on hold until later this summer, AFTER my daughters’ wedding! Right now, there’s nothing else I really want to be doing than tending to however she needs help with the wedding plans, and having fun with my 3 3/4 year old Grandson while he lives here in town!

I do have some of the new embellishment video preparation done and will film what I have soon, but the stress is off! I feel so much better! WHY do I do this to myself in the first place? I bet others of you do the same thing. WHY? Comments welcome…

Had a great day with my Carmen traveling to Chicago to Vogue Fabrics and 2 others on Saturday. Found ONE lace she loved, and can make it work to be enough for her all lace wedding gown! I made that gown over and over in my head that night. What FUN!

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