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Static Guard & Lint Traps

YEA!!! I FINALLY found spray Static Guard at my local grocery store – in the laundry detergent section. Here in cold, DRY central Illinois it is a MUST HAVE when wearing anything but natural fibers. Whenever I wear my Slinky pants or any skirt – I spray it like mad on my legs to eliminate static cling. By the Way – I NEVER use fabric softener. I have a drier that dings when clothes are dry – and the tech guy said using softener sheets would coat it and make it not work.

Oh – and the lint trap in your drier – you need to test it occassionally. If you put it under water – water should go right through. IF not – IT is coated, and not working properly. Wash it til water can go through. Also can get coated from fabric softeners…

Give me my Static Guard!

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