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Snoop Shopping Menswear

Quality menswear is such a treat for a sewer’s eyes!  Cleaning through my computer, I came across this collection of photos I took in the Williamsburg area on a vacation 2 years ago.  Enjoy these along with me as I feast my eyes once again…

Yarn-Dyed Plaids and Checks in Tailored Shirts

My fingers itch to feel the top quality fabric in these shirts.  There is SO much work in a man’s tailored shirt!!!  Each should be a minimum of $150-$200 if you ask me.  It is absolutely WRONG to be able to purchase a tailored men’s shirt for $20!!  Plain WRONG.  Do you ever stop to think that in buying clothing so cheaply, you are contributing to slave labor?  Add shipping of the products on top of it and it makes NO sense.  I know that if I sat down to make a tailored man’s shirt, it would take me a full day of meticulous sewing – likely at least 6-8 hours.  “What does a plumber or electrician bill per hour?” Is the skill of a seamstress worth any less?  Even at the $20/hour for dressmaking we charged in my retail storefront back in 1990, that would make a shirt like these at the minimum $120 in labor.  Plus the fine top quality yarn-dyed, top quality high thread count fabric that would sell for around $15/yard…  OK, I’ll get off my soapbox, but please stop to think about it.  On to some more inspiring pictures. Read the rest of this Blog Post at my Old Blog HERE.

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