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Side Tie Knit Top – Test Top #1

Since we are all sequestered at home these days and likely sewing up a storm, I thought this would be a good time to share more of the specifics of my 'Test Tops' for my favorite new fabric as I shared at THIS BLOG POST .

Honestly, for every year I can remember, even as a child, Easter Sunday was celebrated with something NEW and Special.  I remember Mom teaching us that we present our 'best' for celebrating the risen Christ.  For this Easter, even though I did 'clean up' and wear something other than my messy painting clothes (as I've been painting our master bedroom), it became obvious that I wouldn't be needing to make that something 'special and new' in time for Easter Sunday.  Therefore, this current creative sewing project has been put on the 'back burner' for the time being.

Here is THE fabric that is the object of my testing. I really, really like this fabric, and want to be super happy with the style in which I finally make it up.

At the end of my first post on this 'creative sewing escapade', you'll see that my first 'try' was the top as seen at the right.

Even though this 'test' didn't make the 'cut' for my favorite new fabric (left below), I do like it, and - as I find I just 'do' as I sew, I took some 'How-To' pics as I designed and stitched.  I'll share those steps here with the thought that you might want to give this a try yourself.

I can 'see' this done even in two coordinating prints, with the left and right front being different fabrics, or even complimentary solid colors.

From my re-cycle Green Stash Bin, I found this Croft 7 Barrow top in XL that blended perfectly with the sheer fabric I purchased from www.marcytilton.com

Seeing this top as 'fabric', I cut off the sleeves, ribbing, and cut it apart so that I could apply my Terrific T Top pattern pieces to it to create the 'under layer' of the body of my new top.

One never knows where these original binding pieces might come in handy though, so I ALWAYS save them in a special basket as I work - just in case.  I sew pretty much 'messy and un-organized' (my hubby would laugh and roll his eyes at that description!) so establishing a 'safe place' for pieces like this has proven to be a smart way to work with at least a little bit of organization.  In the picture below you see my ABSOLUTE favorite seam ripper - the Clover Ergonomic Deluxe Ripper.  When I teach my young sewing students how to sew - I ALSO teach them how to rip.  Honestly, I share with them that there is hardly EVER a time I sit down to sew that I don't have to also UN-sew.  Learning how is a very important skill to master! 


PATTERN DRAFTING - for all the details, check out the full Blog Post on this top HERE at my Old Blog.

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