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Share your Story – Who taught you to sew?

Who taught YOU to sew?

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I’d love to hear YOUR story!  Those of us who are sewing enthusiasts either ‘caught it’ or were ‘taught it’ by someone.  What about YOU?  Do you have a person to thanks, or are your skills a product of the ‘school of hard knocks’ – being self-taught?

How have YOU learned to sew?  Who inspired you?  WHY did you embrace sewing?  I’ll start this off by sharing my own story – and look ‘sew’  forward to hearing your story in the Comments below!

As many of you – for me it was my mom who taught me to sew.  Oh, how I wish I had a picture of her black Singer 301 in the corner of our kitchen!  I’ll never forget her gathering row after row of stiff, scratchy nylon netting onto muslin bands to create ballet tutu’s to stitch onto muslin-lined satin ‘leotards’ with a zipper in the back!  At $12 each, she made enough to earn the majority of funds needed to take a family vacation from Illinois to California in 1964. Hard work – determination – persistence…all these things she modeled to me as she stitched away hour after hour.  She often would remark that I ‘grew up under the sewing machine’.   When I finally realized my dream of opening my own fabric store in 1990, she was an important part of that goal achieved.  13 years later, I think she was just as happy to see me move on to other venues for sharing my passion, allowing for more time with her once again.  I even remember an escapade of her accompanying me to one of my first ‘shows’ and locking the keys in the trunk during the un-loading process.  Needless to say, she didn’t volunteer to travel to shows after that!

I was junior high age when I distinctly remember deciding to make 3 pair of shorts one summer – assembly line style.  Mind you, these were the ‘zipper on the side with waistband’ style!  Yep – I had the zippers in and waistbands on…went to try them on and, to my horror, discovered that the zippers were ALL on my right hip, not the ‘proper’ LEFT hip!  Mom said (and I agree) that that was a turning point.   Either into the trash they would go – OR – I would GO RIP and GO FIX’.  I can still picture myself out in the backyard ripping away with determination!

Then…when she put me on a clothing allowance ($25/month which equals about $88/month today) at the beginning of my high school years.  The ONLY way I could have all the clothes I thought I needed was to sew them myself!  While she guided me, I’m sure she never insisted on perfection.  Oh…how I’d LOVE to have some of those garments I made long ago.  Those days, the ‘sewing room’ was a closet off the living room.  My most prized possession was the sewing machine that they got me for my high school graduation.

All I can say is that I am VERY excited about my professional future returning to teaching ALL ages (including young girls and boys) at my new TN home-based Sunroom sewing Studio – creative sewing classes for all ages.

SEW…WHO taught you to sew?  Your mom, aunt, grandma, 4-H leader, Home Ec teacher, the internet, You-Tube, a friend, a guild?

I can’t wait to hear your answers…Share YOUR story in the Comments below.  I have had to set my Blog for Comments to be approved, so please understand your post must clear that process before you can see it.  THANKS in advance!

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