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Screen-Based Tote Bag Sewing Directions

Starting with 52" of Pet Screening 36" wide (or 48")* and following these directions, you'll have 1 Tote for you and 1 to GIFE as a gift! I've used this as a great project for even beginning sewers here at my Sunroom Sewing Studio in Jackson TN. I stitched up four of these for Christmas this past year. Totes like this come in handy for grocery shopping (and will be ore-so as one time use plastic T-Bags are outlawed.) Ours goes along to the local Farmer's Market. Boxing the bottom pretty deeply yields a Tote that allows for orderly 'packing' of items inside. The deeper you box it, the shorter the sides will be. I've found that using Pet Screen (available at Lowe's or Home Depot) makes a very durable long-lasting Tote Bag.

To read this complete Blog post with all of the well-tested directions, click HERE at my

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