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Scavenger Hunt Blog Fun – Be 1st to Win a $50 Gift Certificate!

I’ve just spent HOURS re-working my Sewing/Creative Living Blog, re-categorizing (to fewer) categories, and continually am adding new posts all about sewing and creative living.

To encourage you to ‘dig in’ and also to SHARE my Blog with other creative women, I’m running a SCAVENGER HUNT starting today, March 30, 2016

through Sunday, April 3, 2016.

For your chance at a $50 Gift Certificate (1st to complete), or to be one of the 10 ‘Runner-Ups’  who will win a $10 Gift Certificate, just follow these steps: 

Step 1:  Find the correct answer to the questions listed below.

Step 2:  Comment with your review of my Sewing/Creative Living Blog below .  (Do NOT give any of the answers – doing so will disqualify you!)

Step 3:  At my Facebook Post about this Scavenger Hunt do these 2 things:

COMMENT regarding my Blog…did you learn something while reading my blog?  Do you recommend my Blog to others?

SHARE that Blog Post on your own Facebook Page.

Step 4:  Send me an email with your answers and your Facebook Page link so I can verify that you’ve completed the steps.

1.  According to my expectant daughter, what did I do wrong on the recent maternity adaptation I did to her favorite jeans?  Hint:  a recent post

2.  How much can you save by ordering by April 3, 2016 on my 12 Favorite Sewing Notions?  Category Hint:  Favorite Sewing Notions

3.  How should you carry your ID when traveling?  Category Hint:  Ramblings

4.  What do I advise you  use to underline fabric if you want a non-floppy bow? Category Hint:  Londa’s Sewing Projects

5.  What product do I always use to prevent wavy knit necklines?  Category Hint:  Londa’s Patterns & Books

6.  What should you do as you ‘switch’ wardrobe items from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer?  Hint:  recent post

7.  What was the gift I labored over for my 2 adult children for Christmas this last year?  Hint:  Gift Sewing

8.  Will I encourage my ‘girls’ to bring their own ‘supplies’ notions to my sewing camps?  Hint:  Creative Living

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