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Saturday’s Simple Sewing How-To’s

OK – yes, it’s Sunday, but at the urging of a blogger friend, I’m committing to Blogging at least once per week – hopefully MORE!  On Saturdays (or Sundays), look for a Quick, Simple How-To related to sewing and wardrobe.  Since writing posts and scheduling for release is a wonderful option – I’ve got the next 3 weeks covered.  Hold me accountable!  And, please comment and share on Facebook, Pinterest, and anywhere you would like!

So here is the Simple Sewing How-To for today:  When cutting out knit fabric, it is EXTREMELY important that the fabric NOT hang off the cutting surface!!!  If there is excess length – as I had in this project, it is even MORE important that the fabric not hang.  Support the excess on a chair with something on it so that the weight is not pulling.

I also almost exclusively, ALWAYS cut out with a rotary cutter on my large rotary cutting mat.  Those large mats are one of the regular items people order from my website HERE.  They are useful for so much – like even when you wrap gifts.  I keep duller rotary blades for gift-wrapping time.  Even if you keep it under a tablecloth on your dining room table – that works!  They also roll and ca be held together with a bungee cord.  I’m actually STILL using mats from my retail storefront that closed in 2003!  Yes, I really need to replace them, but they still work just pretty great for me.  The thing about rotary cutting out garments is that everything stays FLAT as you cut, instead of being ‘lifted’ from the surface with a scissors.  It might surprise you to know that I am even teaching my girls in the kids classes I’m running – (age 10 and up) to cut out with rotary cutters.  The ones I’m using are extra safe, as they close automatically when not being held.

HOW TO GRIP to ‘drive’ a rotary cutter:  your index finger should be on the topmost ridged portion of the cutter, over the top of the blade.  There is no way I could ‘drive’ a rotary cutter if all my fingers were wrapping the handle.  Give it a try – you’ll see the difference.

Sew…there you have it:  Be sure to never let knit fabric (especially knits) hang off the cutting surface when cutting out, and give cutting out with a rotary cutter and large mat a try in place of your scissors.

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