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Sample Sweatshirt Transformation Jackets: MASSIVE Sale

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

HUGE Designer Sample Jacket Sale! Unbelievably LOW pricing.  Why?

I’m a female – so I have every right to CHANGE my Mind!  After designing, writing directions for books and patterns, and traveling the country with these jackets…It’s TIME to change the focus of my creative direction.  Therefore, the vast majority of my jackets are now up for sale at my Website towards the end of the category that you can hop over to HERE.  Of course, my favorites are in my own closet, but the rest await adoption and enjoyment by others – and just in time for holiday giving.  I meticulously measured and described each of them, AND as you can see below, the prices are sinfully LOW.  Have fun Shopping at my A Londa Original Category.  Also, when the current stock of books and printed patterns is depleted, I will not be re-printing.  ONLY PDF versions will be available, so if you want the ‘pretty printed versions, grab yours NOW at LIQUIDATION PRICING HERE.

6/22 Many of the jackets shown below have been 'adopted', but there are still some good ones left.

Etsy Glimpse of Jacket Sale

Glimpse of Jacket Sale

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