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Royal Wedding Commentary – Ceremony

I’m moved! because of a business engagement, I was on the road this morning – and just now, this evening, have had a chance to watch a recording of the ceremony. HOW MOVING – HOW Beautiful! WHAT a TRIBUTE to God’s sacrament of marriage between a man and a woman! YES!!!!!

I am grateful for the message of this marriage – the pomp, the ritual, the quiet beauty of not only the bride, but the ceremony and the excitement, the loyalty, the pride of the British people. Oh – for this level of respect for marriage as God ordained it in OUR land.

I know some think it is silly, but I think the attention the world has given this marriage is a testament to the God-given yearning we all have to meet the challenges of life with another: man with woman, woman with man.

I pray sincerely for the success, the blessing of children, God’s guidance of this couple as they face the challenge of their roles in their country.

Onto the dress …. Well, my guess of last post was pretty close. I wasn’t surprised at all by the long lace sleeves either. Beautiful.

Equally beautiful is the dress for Pippa, her sister. I’d LOVE to see that one up close. Beautiful silhouette – absolutely beautiful.

I’d love to know the history behind the choir robes, ruffled collars on those adorable little boys, the lace ascots over top of the red soldier-looking choir members standing out front.

And the HAT! Can’t help but observe that on all the one-sided ones that the ‘hat’, the ‘fluff’ is ALWAYS on the left as you look at the lady…their right side. This aligns with what I’ve been taught – and teach, that focal points belong on one’s right – which is the left as they are seen. Because – we read left to right.

Can NOT figure out though why Queen wears a pin so high and in addition to pearls!

Quite the pleated skirt thing going on on Camilla’s ensemble! She looks so austere and sad. So much of Kate and William seems so much better, more mature than the whole Charles/Diana marriage.

Wonder why the preacher guy took of that pointed hat for part of the ceremony…

Westminster Abbey! Wow!!! I don’t know how old it is, but that man figured out how to build such a beautiful, arched, tall, symmetrical cathedral – only testifies to the intelligence God planted in us, His image.

I can’t but think…if this is what we can accomplish here on earth – what glory it will be ours to see in heaven. My mind is all into heaven these days reading Randy Alcorn’s HEAVEN, and just read last night and this evening, ‘Heaven is Real’ about the little 4 year old boy who obviously died and came back during surgery with many details proving he was, indeed, in heaven. What a gift – this glimpse. I highly recommend it!

And now – back to the challenges of this day – which, in our country, is coming to the aid – monetarily, in person, and in prayer for all those families so devastated with the tornadoes. May God be glorified in how we respond…

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