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Refined Talking Pattern™ delayed…

OK – I can’t resist. In transforming the Refined™ pattern into the Talking Pattern™ version – I created a NEW jacket from the V-neckline version (Fuchsia Fun) yesterday. Since I ALSO have collections of wonderful fabrics pulled together for the remaining 2 jackets in this pattern, I have decided to make those as well. Therefore – the availability date for this pattern re-make has been delayed to late August – early September.

THEN – what I ‘refine’ and add in the creation of these jackets will become wonderful ADDITIONS to the current pattern as it gets redone to the Talking Pattern™ format.

AND – if you’ve already purchased Refined™ in its present state, you WILL HAVE ACCESS to the Talking Pattern Version AND the additional photo galleries with abbreviated directions for all 3 of the new jackets!

This is pretty brain-twisting for me, but Mom taught me…”If you’re going to do it, do it right and better”, and my Dad taught me…”Always give your customers MORE than they expect…never less!”

All goes along with my motto of the Golden Rule as Jesus taught Treat others as you’d want to be treated (or better!) than yourself.

Off to work.

Here’s the latest jacket:

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