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Proof that Dark Colors Recede and Light Colors Advance

This UNIQUE video proves it, hands-down:

Dark Colors Recede and Light Colors Advance 

Watch and be convinced.  Then, apply this knowledge as you sew, create, and dress!

Personally this applies:

  1.  With size 11 feet, I NEVER wear light-colored shoes, just for this reason.  I mean – WHY would I want to draw attention to my feet I ask.

  2. Black pants are the staple of my wardrobe.  Makes the derriere look smaller.

  3. For those of us with ‘hooded’ eyelids – dark in the ‘crease’ makes them look somewhat set in.  Same for eyeliner.  This video certainly proves that.

  4. Light advances.  In this video  see how that creates her ‘nose’?

Click HERE to watch and be amazed!

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