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Professional Pinning for Sewists

No Kidding…Treat yourself to a PIN Clean-out!  Do you have any idea of how much time you waste fishing pins out of boxes or tins???  Treat yourself to one of the wonderful notions to hold those pins and you’ll soon realize how really frustrating and time-consuming that old type of ‘pin organization’ is!!!!  I do not allow my students to sew in class with pins in a container.  Personally, I recommend and LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Zirkel Magnets!

  Another favorite:  The Ewesful Pincushion.  This is a big ‘wad of wool’ that, with it’s natural lanolin, actually lubricates your pins and keeps them in top condition. I especially like this model because it is BIG and sets FLAT.

I even cleaned out my PINS this week.

  1. GONE are all the whimpy little dressmaking small ‘typical’ pins that I can’t get ahold of.

  2. GONE are all the too long too skinny pins that I always stuck back in the cushion.

  3. GONE are all the pins that might as well have been nails!

  4. GONE are all the pins that were used to pin men’s shirts together in the package!

The ONLY Pins left are one of these 2 brands which I find great for almost all but the very heaviest fabrics.  I use them for everything from fine silk to my sweatshirt transformation sewing.

IBC (Imported by Clotilde) – .5 mm pins, 1 3/8″ long, 250/box  $7.95  – all white heads

Clover’s Glass Head Pins –  .50mm 1 1/2″ long (36 mm)  $5.25 Ultra-thin pins with glass head (half red, half white)

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