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Power Surge Facts

Shared at a recent ASG meeting…

1.  Most sewing machines have motors and electronic components.

2.  Power surges can damage of destroy motors and electronic components.

3. Power surges can happen anywhere.

4. A power surge can damage electronic equipment, even if the equipment isn’t turned on.

5. A quality surge protector will respond to surges and spikes to protect sewing machines, computers and other electronic equipment plugged into them.

6. A UPS device is not a surge protector.

7. Everything that plugs into an AC outlet should be guarded by a surge protector.

I remember my Dad insisted on unplugging EVERYTHING except the refrigerator and range whenever we left on vacation – 50’s and 60’s!  Drove my Mom nuts, but he obviously was smart.  He never got into computers, but when he tried, it drove him crazy that you didn’t actually turn it off when done using it.  In hi memory – lost him to Jesus at 89  July 21, 2012.  Miss you Daddy!

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