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Pant Silhouette WIDENS for Spring/Summer…YEAH!!!

Another thing along with change of all types, death, and taxes you can count on

is that

In fashion – if you don’t like it, just wait long enough, and things will change.  


I’ve abhorred the skinny pants, the ‘belongs only in the gym’ tights as I call them, etc. for the last several years.  At my Facebook page about this a few weeks back, Deb wrote: “I’m 5’7″ 117 lbs and I HATE THE SKINNY PANTS!  My legs are muscular and even straight leg pants are too tight and too big around the middle!”

In my Chico’s magazine that just came in the mail last week, I did a count:  of the 28 pants offered for which I could determine the leg silhouette, 11 were slim and 17 were wide!!!   Checking in with a young friend of mine, a store manager at THE LIMITED, she agrees – fuller legs AND higher ‘rise’.  Meaning…the ‘waist’ is coming up to the REAL waist.  Most under 35 have no idea where their ‘waist’ is located.  Anyone else sick of ‘muffin top’?  Ranting here again – if we had more pants and skirts at our WAISTS, we might be more concerned with the SIZE of our waists.  Above, you see a collage of all the ‘new’ larger silhouette pants that will flatter many figures of all ages, AND leave things to the imagination.

Honestly, I think it is a strategy of the fashion ‘gurus’ deciding to manipulate women with ‘style’ this way.  In the end, wear what YOU like, and what YOU feel comfortable in but most of all, CHECK YOUR entire silhouette in the MIRROR, front AND BACK – full length.

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