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Packing for Vacation

Can’t help but share – and ASK:  How do YOU get packed for vacation???? 

Do you whip up something new to wear?

Do you clean up your sewing room?  Cover up your machines? UNPLUG your machines?

I actually still IRON!  I find a lot of us sewers still do. I’d be embarrassed to wear many of my pants without giving them a press and front/back creases.


And get this:  not only do I iron, some of my garments just have to be pressed from the INSIDE to control seam direction that otherwise DRIVES ME CRAZY, like the seams on these white jeans. Am I crazy or do some of you find this ‘bugs’ you as well?

Here’s what I resisted rushing to finish up is this lovely sheer knit Duster.  I decided it needed flounces at the armholes and neckline, so back I trotted to Jo-Ann’s (with my coupon, of course!) for an additional yard.  I’ve thought about it (quite diligently), and feel that using a doubled layer of nylon tulle will be the perfect way to finish off the front edges.  (Watch for a future Blog Post to let you know.)  I had initially bought just 1/4 yard to make the Infinity Scarf you see at the right in the photo, but then weakened and bought 1.5 yards more for the Duster.

HOWEVER, I talked myself out of working on it to finish and take along, as I’ve learned that when I rush, I am not usually happy with the results.

un-finished garment

Ahhhh – got a haircut and nails done today.  Now I still have to vacuum to leave the house clean – which my mom ALWAYS did.  How about you?  Leave the house clean too?

It’s 10:30 and the time has come…to finally go make the decisions to PACK.

I’ll try to sneak in some ‘work’ over the next couple of weeks to share some posts of fellow bloggers that I feel you might find interesting….

OH – one more thing, we are enjoying laughing along at the charming series on Netflix:

Last Tango in Halifax and Doc Martin.  Try them – you might also enjoy! We’ve now watched even Season 9 of our absolute favorite:  Heartland. Now to wait for the next season to come available.  Thinking it might also be time to QUIT CABLE.

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