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New Crop of Jackets ‘Birthed’

I don’t know why – but a couple weeks before a show- I lay awake atnight creating the design for new jackets. Sew….here’s the latest ‘crop’. This first one features Chenille by the Inch -around both edges of the tape measure twill tape ribbon. You can’t see any of the real detail, but it really is nice. Before ‘fluffing’ the chenille, I couched down a black yarn on the oatmeal color. I also cut back the neckline of this sweatshirt for a larger, face-framing neckline. I really like it, and hope it will fit Cyndi, my ‘helper’ at the upcoming Novi American Sewing Expo where I get to teach and sell.

The grey one was inspired by the awesome one-of-a-kind Crone Art fimo clay button at the neckline. I used the collar from Lois Ericson’s Classy Coat pattern for the collar. I cut it wider, and then lined it with another fabric, and folded the top edge down. I also like the flattering line in the bodice that I created by just stitching a bias folded piece to the outside of the sweatshirt, and let it flop down – then couching a yarn along the edge to hold it down.

I REALLY love this bright raspberry jacket. I used one of the awesome Direct Reactive Dye sweatshirts from USA Comfort Color that I carry. This wonderful fabric became a member of my stash LAST year from the Fabric Gallery’s booth at Novi…so I thought it made sense to get it into a jacket a year later. Sheesh – I realize now that the pink and black fabric on they grey sweatshirt and the pretty coral and grey on the jacket below were all ‘adopted’ from my friend, Mesee’s booth last year at Novi. Visit her shop – it is spectacular! I actually used the same collar pattern on this jacket that I used onthe grey jacket – just cut wider. It is a single layer collar – frayed on the edge, and about 1/2″ in from the edge – I’ve ‘stopped’ the fraying with couched down black yarn. That’s another great Crone Art button for the focal point. I have convinced them to continue to do awesome all black great BIG buttons, so know I would always have some of those you could email me to order…

This Grey jacket – well, I just wish I’d cut that spectacular fabric on the bias for this collar! Oh well – I’m probably harder on myself than those Project Runway judges would be! The yarn couched along the custom dyed Bias Cut Silk Ribbon has a hint of silver metallic in it – thus the addition of Swarovski Crystals in the paisleys on the collar.

This black/silver jacket puts to use a spectacular piece of home dec fabric I picked up at the Puyallup American Sewing & Stitchery Expo last March. Also – note the LARGE JUMBO snaps. I like the face-framing wide collar. I’m just seeing that alot in RTW – and like how this style helps make the focus the WEARER. Also – you can’t see it, but I created a facing of the little polka dot that peeks out at the hemline of this jacket.

The green jacket started out a 2XL! I keep preaching that you are buying ‘fabric and matching ribbing’ – but people just don’t want to believe me. Applying the ‘pattern’ from REFINED to raise the shoulder armscye to the proper place and shape the jacket, PLUS a big dart all the way up the center back really shaped this ‘fabric’ into a great fit for my newest ‘Christmas’ jacket. There are 2 batiks played together: one a poinsettia, and the other a stylized Christmas Tree in this jacket. I trapunto stitched around these motifs onthe upper chest area and back yoke by dropping my feed dogs and using smoke YLI monofilament thread. A scrap of burgundy red wool crepe cut into 3/4″ strips on the bias and layered 2 deep with a black and red yarn twisted together and couched down the center define the vertical line and ‘pulls it all together’. This is all in my pattern Transformed. All I did to make the neckline stand up was to attach it in a 1:1 ratio. I ran out of ribbing at the shoulder line of the other side – so I grabbed another old ribbing and covered it with fabric. Darned if I didn’t cut it too short – so I had to creatively add in a piece at the right shoulder area. Challenges – challenges. But, in sewing, I AM IN CONTROL! That’s a pocket at the lower right, by the way.

Time for a walk in this beautiful Indian Summer weather…

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