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My Patriotic Top Wardrobe

After re-posting Patriotic Shirt Blog post earlier today, I talked my hubby into taking pics of my other two Patriotic UP-Cycle Projects. I didn't take many pics of the center one, but I did snap several of my most recent with a bit of time this July 4 weekend, I'll just go ahead and 'BLOG' once again!

The full blog post of earlier today on the left-most shirt is HERE. I'm actually using the remains of that light blue shirt in a new Up-Cycle project right now.

Shirt # 2 is my Convention of States Shirt. I didn't take may other pictures because it was a 'rush job' before a Convention of States event I was making it for last minute, but here are the few and some details...

I ALWAYS start by pulling together ANY and EVERYTHING I think I might use.

Most of those fabrics at the right are men's neckties. You can see what I utilized in the upper left - a 'holey' navy sweater.

Just because I pull something from my stash as a possibility does NOT mean that I MUST use it - NO, NO, NO! If in doubt - leave it OUT!

In this 'in process' photo below, let me identify that I had cut out the red square from the red T-Shirt, turned under the edges, and set it on top of the back of the navy T. The 'flag' at the upper right was on the sleeve of the navy T. I cut the sleeves out of the 'holey' sweater top and re-inserted them into this top.