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My Favorite Sewing Pins, Storage, and YES, I Sew Over Pins!!!

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

All sewing pins are NOT created equal!   In this video, I share my favorite sewing pins and explain why.  What are my 2 favorite tools for storage of my all-important pins?  The Zirkel Pin Magnet and Ewesful Pin Cushion!  And……..tada:  YES, I DO sew over pins, and you can too.  Watch my video to hear me ‘state my case’.  As I share in the video, I’m sure I’ll get many comments – but each to his/her own!  Presented with hopes that you may pick up some new ideas to make your sewing faster – and even MORE fun!

Below are links to the products shown in the video. Clover Glass Head Pins: https://www.londas-sewing.com/product… Zirkel Pin Magnets: https://www.londas-sewing.com/product… Ewesful Pin Cushion: https://www.londas-sewing.com/product…

Sorry - but I found out after filming that the IBC glass head Pins are no longer available.

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