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Moving Wisdom….From one who has just done it!

Happy Mother’s Day.  This is moving season – for many.  Since we all know it is the lady of the house that orchestrates a move…here is my advice:  

9 days in…. ??? to go:  I have some ‘wisdom’ regarding moving at age 64 (and hubby 66) from a home where we have lived (and conducted business) for 25 years to a completely new town where you know…no one except your real estate agent and some family members of the home you purchase…..

Bold means I/We DID.  Regular font means – we wish would would have…

  1.  Consider it an ADVENTURE!  We felt – and STILL feel we were ready for something new – and WOW, do we have it!  Every excursion feels like ‘vacation’ because you don’t know where you are going!  Thank the Lord for Google Maps and iphones! It’s so much in your MIND.  

  2. Get in WRITING everything a moving salesman tells you the staff will do.  Overall, we were happy with 2 Men and a Truck.  What the salesman promises…stand by it and insist on it.  (I did!).

  1. If possible, get possession early and clean and paint before moving in.  A no-brainer, but unless in the same town or you have ALOT of money, this won’t be possible.  Such is life…

  2. ESTABLISH THE PLACE for the tape gun as you pack.  If I only had all those minutes ‘hunting’ back, I bet I’d have an extra day or so.

  3. When you start to ‘get settled’, wear a tool belt so you aren’t always hunting the tape measure, screwdriver, hammer, etc.

  4. As you take down pictures, assemble all picture-hanging hooks in ONE TIN.  I did this, and it has been amazingly helpful.  If you have picture groupings, or have done decorating with words – take pictures!  Then you won’t have to ‘think it up again’!