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Moving/Packing Tips

OK – so I’m working diligently on being organized to sort through and move our ‘stuff’ (PLUS my business stock) from a home we built and have lived in/raised our 2 kids in for the last 25 years….. moving from IL to TN.  Below you’ll read/see some of my ‘hints’, though I’ll be the first to admit that I won’t be able to report how well this has all worked until it’s all over.

One thing I Do know is where every piece of furniture will go – or at least will ‘fit’, as we don’t want to move something there’s not a place for.  See the list of every piece of furniture and dimensions at the lower left.  In the left hand column is the new room placement.  The floor plans (to 1/4″ = 1′ scale) are taped to front of hanging folders.  Inside the hanging folders I can put ideas for decorating, paint chips, etc.  I’ve covered the floor plan with a sheet protector taped at the left side and bottom, with a bit of the ‘glue’ from the temp adhesive thingie (red/white at the right) at the top of each floor plan so that I can easily pull the protector back and access the templates to move them.  Of course, a lady can change her mind, but having done this much helps me sleep at night!


The purple folder at the middle on the bottom row is the Sewing Porch/Studio.  Left/Top/Right sides are all WINDOWS. That’s even a 4′ x 12′ table that was made by the owner and is being left for me.  I can just picture little girls around it sewing away at their machines!!!


Saw this fabric storage idea on Pinterest.  Just may be a reason to hold onto that 2nd 4 drawer file cabinet that I finally emptied of VERY old business records…..


Finally announced that the Tape Gun MUST stay with the red Packing Notebook, as I’m tired of ‘hunting it’ all over this 2 story + basement house of ours.  My packing system is this:

Each room has a 2 letter designation.  For example, the  Garage is ‘GR’.  Each box as it is packed gets labeled in the upper right hand corner with the letters of the room it is to go to, followed by a number.  I have a master list then in this red notebook that defines for me what is ‘in’ each box.  So far, I’ve only had to UN-open 2 boxes.  Once was to find some buttons for that maternity jean adaptation I did for my daughter for the buttonhole elastic.  Knowing I had OODLES of buttons, my frugal self would NOT let me go buy new buttons for such a use!  I’m pretty sure I could pack the rest of the house (remaining pics on walls, kitchen, clothing, and of course – website stock to sell) in 2 days or less at the most.


Speaking of pictures, here you see a brilliant idea hubby (kinda) thought of.  He had said “Why not use suitcases for linens/covers, etc?”  So when doing that one day in this big suitcase, I was packing some pillow shams and thought: “AH Ha…perfect protection for framed watercolors my mom had done from my office wall.”  Seems to be a good idea.

So far – that’s it.  I’m sure with the spring/summer moving season soon upon us, that I’m not alone in facing this packing experience.  I’m hopeful my ideas might be helpful.  Be assured, I WILL report on the success in about 6 weeks once the dust has settled.

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