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Moving/Packing Tips

OK – so I’m working diligently on being organized to sort through and move our ‘stuff’ (PLUS my business stock) from a home we built and have lived in/raised our 2 kids in for the last 25 years….. moving from IL to TN.  Below you’ll read/see some of my ‘hints’, though I’ll be the first to admit that I won’t be able to report how well this has all worked until it’s all over.

One thing I Do know is where every piece of furniture will go – or at least will ‘fit’, as we don’t want to move something there’s not a place for.  See the list of every piece of furniture and dimensions at the lower left.  In the left hand column is the new room placement.  The floor plans (to 1/4″ = 1′ scale) are taped to front of hanging folders.  Inside the hanging folders I can put ideas for decorating, paint chips, etc.  I’ve covered the floor plan with a sheet protector taped at the left side and bottom, with a bit of the ‘glue’ from the temp adhesive thingie (red/white at the right) at the top of each floor plan so that I can easily pull the protector back and access the templates to move them.  Of course, a lady can change her mind, but having done this much helps me sleep at night!


The purple folder at the middle on the bottom row is the Sewing Porch/Studio.  Left/Top/Right sides are all WINDOWS. That’s even a 4′ x 12′ table that was made by the owner and is being left for me.  I can just picture little girls around it sewing away at their machines!!!


Saw this fabric storage idea on Pinterest.  Just may be a reason to hold onto that 2nd 4 drawer file cabinet that I finally emptied of VERY old business records…..