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Memory Doily Headboard

I love lace – especially crocheted lace – ones I remember on furniture in my childhood home.  When I started dreaming up my ‘Memory’ Guest Bedroom decor, I knew my collection of precious doilies would have to play a BIG part.  Of course, I let my finger do the research on Pinterest, and came up with many ideas.  You can see many of my inspiration pins at my “Linen Decor’ Pinterest Board HERE.    As you look at my collection of ideas, it is obvious that what I did with my doilies is NOT an original idea.

However, I CAN claim this ‘How-To’ process as mine, because I didn’t really find any tutorials on how to create my inspired idea for the ‘headboard’ as you see it below in my room.  Believe it or not, I ‘hung’ it using velcro and yardsticks.  And…I did it ALL by mySELF!  I was thinking of making a whole litter of more ‘memory’ lacey pillows, but as I look at this photo, I’m thinking that if I do, the bed full of pillows would compete with the headboard.  I welcome your inputs in the COMMENTS section below!  

Sew…. here’s how I went about creating this ‘doily’ headboard.