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Magic Waistbands with Ban-Rol Monofilament Stabilizer

Waists are rising, and need stabilization so they don’t crush to nothing-ness. Ban-Rol monofilament stabilizer is the secret to a crisp waistband that bends with you, but bounces back, nice and firm. Watch this video to learn how to use it:

This product can ALSO be used to execute a very narrow straight-stitched hem, even on bias fabric!  Watch my friend, Dana Bontrager’s video to learn how:

You can even make a great machine-sewn rolled hem using this great stuff as my friend, Dana Bontrager shows you in her video at:

The $2 PDF with step-by-step complete directions is available at this link

Monofilament Stabilizer (Ban-Roll) is available at this link:

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