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Londa’s Talking Patterns and Book UPDATE

YEA!!!! And kudos to my professional son for ALL his intelligence and help in this project of transforming 3 of my most popular patterns into TALKING sewing patterns! Not only these patterns, but my great ‘starter’ BOOK is now ‘TALKING” as well!

AND AND AND even if you purchased any of these products in the past, YOU TOO have access to the new ‘Talking’ format – just go to the dedicated web pages as they are listed in your product, and you’ll see an option to to the “Talking” format! Your printed booklet will not just exactly correspond to the numbering, etc., but the verbal tutorials more than make up for that! If you desire the edited pattern booklet, the best way would be to just order the downloadable pdf version of that pattern – which costs just $12.

For a sample of how cool this “Talking” concept is…over on the right – under my Videos – click on the one of the denim colored jacket and orangy collar and wait a minute – for the sewing audio to kick in – for a sample! My hope – prayer – goal in all this is that this added mode of learning will empower many ‘creative-challenged’ sewers to be just as creative as God created them to be!

Here are clickable links to all these great products – or more like ‘children’ is really the way I think about them!

  1. Transformed – this sewing pattern teaches how I transform that lower band into great collar and neckline finishes! Use this one in my workshops all the time – the cardigan style as it is so popular and ez to wear!

  2. Worthy – gals love this one for its fit – the angular design, the back, and all the options included!

  3. Celebration – my design that has that dramatic back flare to it – always turns heads…and now with a NEW cover including the popular brown and black version featuring Italian Trim!

  4. Chosen – my first and MOST POPULAR sewing jacket design since its debut October 1, 2009. It was the success of this talking pattern that inspired me to edit and add value to these others! It features really great face-framing collars.

  5. my printed starter sewing book that includes 5 jackets – and now numerous additional optional jacket variations! Creative Sweatshirt Jackets…Londa’s Way

I’m ‘on a roll’ but now need to pack to travel extensively – Rocky Mountain Sew Expo in Denver, a gig in Corpus Christi for their ASG, and then the Creative Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup are all on the list for between now and the end of February.

Future plans include expanding my “Swirl” Jacket and my “Refined” pattern into this “Talking” format in the future.

Sew – log on and enjoy MORE if you already own any of these products. If not – get yours today! Find them all in this Creative Sweatshirt Jackets department...

For Londa’s books, patterns, and supplies as described in her sewing escapades, please see Londa’s Creative Threads –

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