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Londa’s FAVORITE Sewing Notions

What are YOUR favorite sewing notions?  Which ones should I buy?” This is a question several of my new sewing students (and their mothers) have asked me lately.  Sew…I decided to really survey what I grab all the time to use as I sew.  Let’s put it this way – when I go to a sewing retreat in Texas with my sister in August, these are the sewing tools/notions I will FOR SURE take with me – and WHY. Each heading is a LINK – because, guess what – I sell these tools at my website.  Some, I have overstock on right now – so they are ON SALE.

Deluxe Seam Ripper by Clover  $4.95

I tell my students – you may as well learn to UN-Sew, because it is just a necessary evil – you WILL have to rip.  This one fits in my hand just right.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it for ripping.  How to rip?  On one side, rip through a stitch every 3/4″ or so. Then the thread on the other side should just pull off.


 Japanese Tweezers by Clover  $6.75

To remove any left-over thread pieces, grab any left-over threads, the Japanese TWEEZERS from Clover.

Side note:  these are the BEST eyebrow tweezers you’ll EVER find!!!  So – treat yourself to 2 of them!

Japanese Tweezers