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Londa's Favorite Pressing Equipment & How-To's

Take a few minutes to watch my video tutorial on pressing techniques AND my personally-recommended equipment needed to do this all-important task that is part of every well-made sewing project.  Everything from expensive irons, to cleaning the sole-plate, and even FREE sewing equipment are included in this video.  

The most important How-To is:  Press, don't iron!  And, use Steam and the Clapper.  I even explain the beauty in the science of WHY wood really works when you stitch and press.  

RE irons: I might add that I have tried the steam generator types - both with water hanging in a container and in a tank. For the money those cost, I didn't personally find that they lasted all that much longer. Granted, you can then achieve steam without high enough temperature to evaporate the water into steam, but......again, I'm sharing from my own personal experience.

I can also add that this Oliso has dropped to the floor more than once by my young sewing students here at my Sunroom Sewing Studio - and I've still been fortunate to get more than 2 years (as my hubby remembered) from this investment.

To purchase some of the equipment pieces shown, check out the Sewing Tools department at my website HERE

Comment with your own favorite pieces of sewing equipment.  

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