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Londa’s 5 Minute Center Front Pant Zipper Application

First – my ‘soapbox’ – I think for women – whose tops lap right over left – that the lap on the trouser should similarly lap the same direction:  right over left.  That said…..

IMPORTANT:  Always buy a 9” nylon coil zipper – even if you desire only a 7”’ll see why”make sure center front is parallel to grain line of front.  If it is not – you need to make it so, and take front tucks deeper or a dart to make up any difference.

1.  Cutting:  change pattern front so that you have a 2” extension from the center seam and 9” long.  For accurate and ample top edge when the extension is folded back on itself, fold this extension back on the original cutting line on pattern to trace the top edge.

2.  Mark –  the following points:

  1.  Point A which is the center front (CF) seam line.  Snip in at top edge to mark.

  2. Point B – 5/8” out into the extension from Point A – (which would be the cutting line if the extension had not been added).  Snip in at top edge to mark

  3. Point C is on the seam line, 3/4” above intersection of extension and crotch cutting line.  Stick in a pin, and mark that point with a Frixion Marker (will disappear with heat!)

  4. Interface the extension area on the Right Front as shaded in the diagram.