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Living Well Talking Pattern™ Released

Yeah – ‘birthed’ another one… my Living Well Talking Pattern™.

Living Well Pattern Cover

This pattern includes TWO jackets and several renditions of each – all based on the concept of a unique center front design. The ‘SWIRL JACKET’ first debuted in the LIVING Talking Pattern™ in 2010 and has been a consistently popular design. It features 3 great buttons and a right front edge that echos the button shape and adding a ‘peeking’ left under lap side. The WEDGE JACKET’ is a newer design that features an added ‘wedge’ at the right Front edge, the lower ribbing utilized for a neck-hugging collar and left Front finish, and a VERY long length, achieved by adding yokes cut from polar fleece.  For a sample of how neat my Talking Patterns are… check out this FREE portion that teaches how to add length to the available sweatshirt fabric with a polar fleece yoke at this link:

Just as the original ‘LIVING™ pattern served to raise funds to drill a shallow well through World Vision, this revision of that design has been named ‘LIVING WELL’ with the intent of once again providing water for an African village, but now through a missionary family from my local church. Especially as I created the first grey ‘SWIRL JACKET, I thought of the buttons as those ‘rocks’ in life that Jesus – as my ‘Living Water’ helps me get around.

This is a “Talking Pattern” where you now can follow my directions by reading here and seeing LOTS of pictures at the online webpage gallery for each jacket. ALSO, you can HEAR my encouraging journey of each and every step of creating and stitching! It’s like I’m right there with you, telling you what to do step-by-step!!! The internet ‘Talking’ aspect of your investment MUST be utilized for the most complete directions, through my goal is to make this booklet the ‘master’ with the internet being supplemental to it.

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