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LIVING pattern booklet at the printer

The pink jacket I entitled ‘Endurance’ to pay honor to all women battling breast cancer and heart disease. Say – about that, I really had my curiosity peaked today while reading while Glenda drove, on my KINDLE book a book by Suzanne Somers – called Ageless: The naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones. If you’re a woman – you need to read this book – or even if you’re concerned about living the life God has given you to its very fullest for the years He gives you here on this earth – I think you should read it. I can tell ya, I’m gonna get on the phone when i get home to find a Doctor who believes in BioIdentical Hormones. Though I feel I’m very healthy – at coming up on 58, I’ve seen a mother with breast cancer and now Alzheimers, and have been through infertility, endometriosis, and an unnecessary hysterectomy in my lifetime. SURE glad I refused to be ‘cleaned out’ by that Dr. and was left with one ovary that served me well – VERY well it seems. I’ve refused any synthetic hormone replacment therapy – and I’m very, very glad i did when i read this book, but these bioidentical hormones – that’s another story. They are from nature, thereby not patentable – hence pharmeceutical companies are not interested – because no $$ in it. No surprise, eh? My main concern these days is avoiding cancer, strong bones, staying active, and improving my SLEEP! Anyway – I highly recommend this book, and will be devouring the MEN part of it next.

As mentioned in a previous post, the grey jacket – previously known as the ‘SWIRL’ jacket has become the ‘Peace’ Jacket for this new pattern. Again, my tithe from this pattern, along with your contributions, will dig a well to give an African village clean water. Read more about it at that post below.