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Lessons Learned…a Weird Way

These days have me deep into helping my elderly parents downsize – again. Mom has Alzheimers, and Dad can’t care for her alone any longer. He also needs assisted rather than independent living. God has provided every step of the way with great places and people to care for them. So…I’m learning – AGAIN – how I should not WORRY – but depend and trust in God and his timing. Recently I realized that ALL the family lace – and lace pieces I’d collected in travel that had been gathered for decorating at my daughters’ wedding – have gone missing. I’ve turned this house upside down looking for that precious box – or bag – or whatever it all got placed into at the end of that wonderful day on June 6. My heart has been sick over it…even the lace that graced the altar type table at the wedding that was lace from my Mom’s baby carriage was in there! From special travels, I’ve added to this collection – and decorated with these pieces frequently. I mean tatted from Italy, family lace tablecloths… Sew….you get the idea.

However, it seems that as I see the stronghold that my parents seem to have on their ‘things’ that God has a lesson for me in this – right now – today. I have to try to understand their connection to their ‘things’ as they are children who lived through the depression, and they worked VERY hard for all that they have. Nonetheless – these are THINGS. They seem TOO obsessed with them – and who should have what…on and on.

Sew…as I observe this, I can only look inward regarding my own loss of ‘things’ – the lace. AND All the sudden, the loss of all that lace doesn’t seem as heart-breaking. I can see that God is teaching me – with an Exclamation Point – NOT to value THINGS.

Apply this to my ‘career’ of sewing – clothing – fashion – selling these things! Ouch. I feel guided to focus more on the creative experience that sewing affords, and to support whatever good causes God shows to me along the way. And, to testify to His love through my business in every way I possibly can.

Those are the lessons I’m being taught during these trying days…..and how God is providing people and places at exactly the PERFECT time for my folks as we travel this path together.

The Beginning of True Faith is the End of Anxiety!

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