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LESSON: How to Make Costume Ears STICK OUT

Confession – sometimes, despite how long I lay (or is it ‘lie’ ? I can NOT seam to learn that grammatical rule) awake, and DREAM about how to do some sewing task – I totally MISS it!!!  This time it was making my #1 grandson his Yoda mask/ears for Halloween.  (Mom to be Princess Leia, and fiance to be Shewbacca – certainly not sure about that spelling!).  Now realize, I do NOT have grandson here – only circumference around his head both ways!!! ANYWAY…. I had decided that a horizontal seam above his ears would be the place to insert the Yoda ears – and that wire in them would make them ‘style-able’ and help them stick out.  WRONG!  See photos below…with a few good basic sewing lessons along the way…

Shape and notching curves

Shape and notching curves

As I like to teach ‘Outie’  curves need to be notched, so that when the piece turns right side out, the seam doesn’t fold over on itself into laps because what is the outer edge when something is inside-out, becomes the inner edge when the item is turned right side- -out.

Adding wire to ears

Adding wire to ears

Smart Granny that I am – I decided to stick in some floral wire so that ears would have ‘personality’, and be bendable.  PLUS, I thought – that should help them stand out, right???  I also curved the outer point edge so that the wire wouldn’t poke through the polar fleece dangerously…  so far, so good.

Inserted into horizontal seam...the ears FLOP

Inserted into horizontal seam…the ears FLOP

Maybe good for Thumper, but not for Yoda – see how my wonderful ears FLOP, and don’t stand out!  OH MY GOSH!!!  What now?

AH...HA - Ears inserted into VERTICAL seams stand out!

AH…HA – Ears inserted into VERTICAL seams stand out!

My AH HA moment – insert ears into a VERTICAL seam….THEN they will – they MUST stand out!

Velcro on the extensions under the chin make it all fit – and a snap (or safety pin for my non-sewing daughter!) solve that tab sticking out.

SEW…even though this NANA will be hard at work at the Houston Quilt Festival on Halloween, I’ve done my creative duty.

PS – I know there is a way to fix ‘red eye’…but at this moment – I’m Off to Sleep!

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