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It’s SEW Easy -NEW PBS show…

It’s Sew Easy, Series 100 is a NEW sewing show on the horizon offering Public Television viewers a novel approach to sewing through unique television experience.

The program is based on sewing and pattern designers featuring education that revolves around their expertise. Projects demonstrated are easy enough for beginners but creatively challenging for seasoned stitchers. The experts concentrate on easy ways to accomplish great sewing projects without the stress of perfection.

The show format includes two main projects each week and one shorter technique segment. Show themes include: Apparel Details and Embellishments, Kids and Baby, Simple Sewing, Make it Personal, Dress up Ready Made Home Decor, Garment Construction Tips, Patterns, Surface Embellishment, %-shirt Surgery, Fun Fabrics, Restyling, Gifts, and Easy Sewing Tricks.

It’s Sew Easy replaces America Sews with Sue Hausmann, promising to give faithful viewers a new spin on sewing where America Sews left off.

It’s Sew Easy gives viewers the opportunity to invite experts into their home to show them how to enhance their sewing skills and create personalized apparel and home accents. Whether they are a novice or experienced sewer, they’ll learn why It’s Sew Easy!

It’s Sew Easy, Series 100 Uplinks Thursday, June 30, 2011 from 1800-1830ET/HD 04 via NETA The National Educational Telecommunications Association.

Write/Call your local PBS station and ask them to include this great new show in their lineup.

It’s Sew Easy is made possible in part by: Brother International Corp, Havel’s Sewing, BurdaStyle, Horn of America, Rowenta, Vogue Fabrics, Inc, Original Sewing Quilt Expo, The Warm Company, Coats and Clark, and Blumenthal Lansing

A DVD set of all 13 episodes of Season 100 of It’s Sew Easy is available for $39.99 plus shipping and handling. Orders can be placed at You won’t miss a single episode of projects and patterns from the experts featured each week on It’s Sew Easy.

So – here is the ‘studio. A bit intimidating? Well – all depends on your experience I suppose. It was a bit to me, that’s for sure – as I’d only done this one other time – for a Pfaff series which is not available any longer.

A quick plane trip to Cleveland the beginning of March took me there – after weeks of thinking/writing/ rehearsing in my brain…and convincing myself that it wouldn’t be any different from teaching a class like I love to do at the expos.

Those sentiments began to fall apart when I realized that I’d forgotten to pack my favorite and MOST IMPORTANT Fabric Chenille Brush to show the last step of ruffing up my ‘Fabric Fur’!!!!! Thankfully, the guys in the studio came up with a stiff wire brush from their tool box! When you see my spot – you’ll notice I have my big hand almost completely covering that precious brush!!!

Being female – I was VERY happy to learn that my makeup would be done by a professional. Being over 55 – I have to admit I forget this lovely, talented artist’s name…but she was beautiful and put me totally at ease. Here’s her doing her magic on me.

It was fun to meet/share the experience/give each other encouragement that day. Tricial Wadell, Bobbie Bullard, Eileen Roche, Trish Preston, Katrina Loving – and very memorably, ‘SUEDE’ from Project Runway were all taping the day I shot my spot.

It was very interesting to hear Suede’s story about the development of his career as designer, and also to hear all the ‘ins and outs’ of his contracting with Simplicity for his patterns.

I suppose you’ve heard of ‘Green Rooms’ for TV guests? Well – I have no idea why – or even IF ‘green rooms’ are really green – but at this studio – it sure was!

And what a creative mess it was…. here’s a peak. Sew… that’s the story. We were encouraged to wait until now to share about the series – but since the release is upon us – now you need to help! The more stations we can get this series on – the more people will see it – and the more people will join with us in enjoying the many benefits of sewing!

For Londa’s books, patterns, and supplies as described in her sewing escapades, please see Londa’s Creative Threads –

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