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Interfacing De-Mystified...Really!

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

My apologies for publishing this when I was 'sleepy' a few nights ago - here it is - with the correct video.

Comment away (though, sadly I have to approve comments before they are seen - or you wouldn't believe the 'junk' that comes through.  Anyway - I WILL see your comment, and if it applies, I'll be most happy to share it.

During my years as a retail storefront owner, I'll never forget taking a class at a fabric market from an educator for one of the main interfacing companies at the time.  She made everything so interesting and clear.  Years later...sadly, I can't remember her name, but she worked for HTC.  WHAT I learned, plus even more, is what I share in this video.  Through years of teaching tailoring and dress-making in general, I've pulled together even MORE details on how and where to put interfacing - often DIFFERENT from what the run-of-the-mill sewing directions tell you to do.

I've put it all in my PDF that I also call:  INTERFACNG DE-MYSTIFIED.  For just $8, you can have it immediately in your hands.  Find it HERE I

As an aside, when I wore my OLD Chico classic grey trousers to church this morning, I was reminded that sometimes - even ELASTIC can perform as an 'interfacing', as it does in these pants.  I was correct in my thinking that I had shared about their truly unique waistline finish in a Blog Post, and I found it - buried way back in 2008.  Click HERE to read about it.  As I watch the Super Bowl, I'm gonna go treat myself to something yummy since I still wear these pants - even though they are well over 13 years old!  :)

Please - comment with your input regarding interfacing. Everyone will appreciate anything and everything you can share.

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