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How To Shorten a 3 Layer Skirt Using 2 Thread Rolled Hem on Serger

Updated: May 26, 2022

Shortening a gown with a 3 layer flowing skirt is no quick, easy task! As I worked on this for my niece recently, I quickly realized that there would be a LOT of learning that I could offer, so I paused frequently to take some videos and then edited them all together into this 24' video.

I share the following:

* How to pin/mark the hem in the first place.

* How to adequately support the weight and volume of so much skirt as you work.

* Learn how/why full skirts are affected by grain and MUST be allowed to 'hang' before hemming.

* How to set your serger for a rolled hem - and why I prefer a 2 thread rolled hem over a 3 thread rolled hem.

* How to mark - work out the length of each layer, starting with the innermost layer.

* How to check and double check the hemlines.

* How to NOT panic when the serger thread runs out or break or isn't 'right'. it is. I hope it helps you add to your body of sewing knowledge!

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