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How to Sew Side Hems and Angled End on Tie Sashes

It’s time to start sewing special dresses and Easter Bonnets for those little girls in our lives.  After making many bonnets to sell from the pattern I’ll share below, I came up with the ‘Tie End’  technique as shown in the video below.    Think of tie ends on garments including not only Bonnets, but Aprons, Tie-Backs, Dress Sashes, etc.  I find that my technique of narrow hemming with just one pressing step works like a charm for those long single layer edges.  Even though I recently shared this technique in another video, here it is AGAIN, in another video for you.  Then, for the angled end, see how easy it can be with this technique.Give it a try!  I think you’ll find it will be an improvement over instructions commonly given in patterns.

Below is a bonnet pattern that I developed years ago when my daughter was a toddler. I’m getting ready to enjoy making it for my 6 month old granddaughter for this Easter.  Her mom isn’t ‘into’ the heirloom look, so I imagine it will be coordinating printed cottons.  I’ll be sure to post a picture of the adorable face below in her bonnet after they visit at Easter time, but for now…don’t you agree that her ADORABLE face needs to be framed in a ruffled and poufed bonnet????

Baby needing a bonnet


This pattern has  been a consistent seller through the years.  The ‘POUF’ is the only pattern PIECE to this ‘pattern‘, so you may well want to order it in the PDF version to have it ‘right now’.  I’ll send along some specific measurements on the POUF shape you see in the cutting layout.  However, the ‘printed’ version including full size ‘Pouf Pattern’ piece to trace is also available HERE.   Don’t delay as there are LIMITED copies of this printing available.

“What is Heirloom Sewing?” 

‘Heirloom sewing’ means the recreation of the fine lace and batiste femininity of the early 20th century that was generally sewn by hand, but using the wonderful zigzag sewing machines of today.  For the basics, all you need is a sewing machine with an adjustable (width and length) zigzag stitch.  I can’t think of a modern day sewing machine that doesn’t have this capability.  Granted, fancier ‘hemstitch stitches’ can add even more fun, but it was AMAZING to me what one can do with just a simple zigzag stitch to mimic a hand ‘roll and whip’ stitch.  My husband’s cousin sent a lovely smocked daygown when our daughter arrived and I can distinctly remember just being amazed how tiny of a rolled seam attached the little lace edge to the sleeve hemlines.  That was the beginning  of a fascination and love affair with ‘heirloom sewing’.

Whether you create a bonafide ‘heirloom’ look using fine batiste and laces, or a more ‘modern’ look with print mixing and a bit of lace (or not), this pattern is absolutely ADORABLE and easy to make to fit all sizes with a simple measurement of earlobe over the head to bottom of other earlobe.

Stay Tuned for some specific HOW-To’s for Heirloom Sewing in coming Blog Posts.   

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