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Hooded Towels = Fun Sewing Project

Like myself, I know that many of my customers are Grandmas - and I hope I have a few young Moms who find time to sew as well. Sew... I figured sharing my latest projectS might be appreciated.

My youngest - a grandson turned 1 in Feb. and our youngest granddaughter, Shiloh, turned 3 in March and when racking my brain for what to create for her gift, I decided on hooded towels. Since we see our younger 4 'grands' only a few times each year I knew I needed to have gifts for the other two (7 and 5) as well, so I was challenged to create FOUR of them!

Below - I'll share some how-to's and how-NOTS, so that if YOU want to stitch some hooded towels up yourself, you can benefit from my 'experience'.

As you can imagine, these 4 are 'moving targets' to say the least, so what you see below is the best I could manage of the recipients in their towels.