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This Up-Cycle Top represents a fairly typical design/stitching experience. The thing I really find exciting is the challenge of pushing through - undoing/redoing to come up with a unique, wearable, one-of-a-kind garment. 

Design and Stitch Along With Me…..

Base Garment: a thermal long-sleeved green knit top. Now - what do I have hidden away in my green tub that might work well with it?

The sheer print over a stripe really goes well with the thermal top - even though these pictures don’t show that very well.  Sadly, none of the fabric/garment pieces shown in the picture above seemed to be perfect. Time for another ‘dive’ into my green tub……

SCORE! This green solid tank top was absolutely perfect! I have no idea whatsoever where this top came from, as I’ve been shopping thrift stores and sale racks for years. I ‘saw’ this as a great piece of knit fabric, offering a nice, rolled edging at the neck and armholes. Making use of those finished edges was my first idea. 

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