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Fun Accessories to Sew

My current sewing of a SWAP (Sewing with a Plan) for a travel wardrobe has been very rewarding. I decided a scarf was needed, so I took a 'dive' into my navy and taupe STASH BOXES and found some lovely silk ties to utilize. My stash also produced a pattern for a Moebius Scarf, so that's the direction I went. The picture below shows it doubled, and worn as a 'Smoke Ring'.

Finding Fabric

Before ever landing in my Stash, with men's silk ties, I rip them all apart, completely removing the 'guts' - which is generally a loosely woven lamb's wool type bias, which makes great sleeve heads for tailored jackets, by the way. Then I wash them - either by hand, or in a lingerie bag in the washer. Press, roll, and 'store' for fun sewing.

With my SWAP wardrobe, made of the luscious Ponte Knit as I described in THIS BLOG POST,

I found five ties that worked well with the green and navy coloration. However, the pattern I was using called for 7 strips, each 3" wide x 81" long. Ties don't yield that much length, so I knew I'd need to piece some to the ends. I found some more ties, plus some print garment scraps - THAT story to follow next...

Here's the added ties...

Even with those 'fabrics', I needed some more length/fabric. Here's the Story: I have a great adult sewing student/friend who came in with a lovely poly print she'd made into a loose, flowing calf-length jacket when she first started sewing on her own. She had bound the edges with pre-made bias tape, and agreed it was pretty much of a mess. My 'eye' immediately saw that the colors of this fabric PERFECTLY coordinated with my green and navy base ponte fabrics, so I sweet-talked her out of 'fabric'. See below how I managed to cut a bias front sleevleless cowl of the jacket 'fabric'.

The sleeves of the jacket plus more fabric scraps she so kindly brought to me yielded the needed yardage for not only this Moebius Scarf, but another long scarf as well.

In the photo below, you can see the long pieces, stitched in 1/4" seams. I've started the folding and stitching process in this photo, folding the end up to the long edge, right sides together.

Here's a video where my friend from my old Detroit Sewing Expo Days, Janet Pray, shows how to make a Moebius scarf like this - as I was using her pattern. Even though she is using just 3 fabrics, the principle is exactly as she shows it in this video with It's Sew Easy TV.

My Moebius Scarf can be worn many ways...

I still have some scraps of the ties, and an old Threads Magazine article by my friend, Diane Ericson, about making beads of fabric scraps, so that is another fun project I just might give a try.

SWAP Progress

So far, I've created these mix n' match wardrobe pieces ...

* elastic waist, loose flowing '$1700 Pant of the Green

* maxi skirt with deep flounce of the Navy

* bell-shaped, flat front pant of the Navy

* princess lined camisole from a favorite old pattern, Margarita Top of the Green

* wing-collared princess seam jacket of the Navy (combining a Vogue and a Burda pattern).

I still have yardage of both colors left (purchased 6 of Navy and 4 of Green) and hope to squeak out yet a navy Margarita Top and a creatively-pieced loose casual top I'm dreaming up, with 'sweatshirt band' type neckline and hem, with sleeves.

Once I get these pieces all finished, I'll 'Blog' again with details on each, as I've taken pictures along the way.

Hair Scrunchy/Bracelets

The first project I do in my classes with young sewing students (age 7 or so), is a Hair Scrunchy. First - I start them out sewing on paper without thread in the machine. Then I thread the sewing machines for each student as they watch. My philosophy is to get them sewing and get something made that they'll use and wear, as that elevates their excitementand immediately hooks them on sewing! By the time they've watched me thread (and explain) threading 3-4 machines, they can generally thread up theirs AFTER they stitch up the Hair Scrunchy.

Find below the new video that explains my 'tried-and-true' directions. Skinnier strips to start (3" or less wide) are more challenging to turn, but work well for the bracelets the girls like to wear as well.

Give a Moebius Scarf and a Hair Scrunchy a try - and think of recipients for these projects to give as gifts.

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