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Favorite Inspiration: Soft Surroundings Catalog/Website

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

FUN and INSPIRATION for my own WANNA SEW list is a trip through the Soft Surroundings Catalog – that they are kind enough to (snail) mail to me!  But you can also go online to:      I like to tear out pages and keep files of ideas in my sewing studio.  Here are my  ‘tear-outs’ from their newest catalog, some commentary, and sewing How-To’s.

Flip with me through the latest catalog, and we’ll stop at the pages that made it to my WANNA SEW THAT picture file…..

#1. Standout Shirt.  With that price tag of  $98.95 – I KNOW I can make it cheaper.  What cool use of blocking/angles, button detail.  SEW SEW simple!  Those are even just bias-cut Godets as taught in my Trendy Tunic Tops Pattern in each side seam.  I’m thinking maybe my Button Box has a variety of different pearl-type buttons I could use – a bunch of DIFFERENT ones mixed on this shirt for some additional fun.   I would hem each of the sections BEFORE seaming the vertical seams, using my hemming technique as shown in the video I’ll stick in below these pictures.  Flat fell seams would be nice on the verticals, but I would likely just stitch the seam, serge, and topstitch.   I may just have to take a trip to JoAnn’s with my trusty coupons to pick up a linen stripe I know is sitting on the shelf.  OH OH OH … and linen stripes are usually yarn-dyed, so that would make an AWESOME chenille trim – perhaps around the collar?  Up the back?  To see the ‘video’ showing off this top, click HERE, then on the picture at the left side with the big video arrow in it.

Striped shirt front and back