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Duchess Kate Fashion Watch…Christening Flounce Ensemble

I’m always on the lookout for what fashion-right Duchess Kate is wearing, and was interested to see on the front of USA Today yesterday in coverage of Prince George’s christening, that Kate’s ensemble featured what I call the ‘Big Girl’s ruffle…ala a FLOUNCE!

I tried copying and pasting the image from online to here, without luck, so I’ll add a scan of the paper here later today if possible, since I’m on the road to Houston Quilt Festival and Market… but meanwhile I found this short ‘movie clip’ that shows even more of her top…

To me it appears to be an ivory wool crepe (my educated guess) jacket and skirt.  In USA Today article written by Maria Puente (who obviously does not know the difference between a ruffle and a flounce), it says of the outfit…

“Kate was color coordinated with her son in his silk-and-lace christening gown (more on that later):  She wore a cream-colored ruffled bespoke dress by Alexander McQueen and a matching fascinator-type hat by Jane Taylor.”

Not knowing the highlighted adjective, ‘bespoke’, I looked it up and found this definition – for your enlightenment:

. Custom-made. Said especially of clothes. 2. Making or selling custom-made clothes: a bespoke tailor.

Upon further peeks at the top – I think that the featured embellishment is as follows:

1.  approximately 4-5″ in width, and double layer – with a s