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Design/Sewing Plans for Favorite New Fabric

The Mission

My challenge: to come up with THE design into which to fashion this fabric that I ordered from marcytilton.com (it's now out of stock) and absolutely LOVE.

This fabric is a rayon/lycra blend that has been digitally printed - yielding all of the gorgeous colors as shown in this picture.

Read below some of my considerations - ideas.  I have plans to make a new white pant and I also have a grey knit gored skirt that it blends with really well.  With the busy-ness of the print, a lot of seaming would be useless.  The length of the top I come up with or bottom hem shaping, is REALLY important to make this top one that can STAY in my wardrobe for several seasons.  I have observed that the longer flowy tunics are not as popular for this spring-summer (2020), AND  the length of this top needs to be long enough to show off the print AND still work with a pant (likely to be worn with it more often) and the skirt.

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