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Circle Motif Creative Sweatshirt Jacket

My most recent jacket – especially created using the BROTHER VQ3000 in preparation for the upcoming BROTHER machine dealer’s conference in Nashville early August.

Here’s my starting ‘collection’…  The aqua background fabric is definitely the inspiration – circles and more circles, and further inspired by a carpet in the hotel at San Fransisco I recently saw.  The sweatshirt is Brown.

Starting collection. I love the aqua background fabric…

I stitched the shoulder seams together, but not the underarm seams – even though they WERE basted for fitting, as I want the stitching & embellishment to work over each shoulder.  I’m using the ‘Adorned Jacket’ from my  Sweatshirt Transformations book, but I want to use INFORMAL balance in the embellishment, rather than FORMAL as in the book…a little more challenging to visually balance, even though not the exact same on each side…

Leave side seams unsewn to work over the shoulder with embellishment.

I utilized the Circle Stitcher – which is a pin that goes into a special gizmo on the bed of the machine – creating the radius to the circle…for the first group of embellishment.  That turned out to be more trouble than it was really worth – and also a bit limiting design-wise, so the first stitching used it, but that is really the only group of stitching that did…

Circle Stitcher with multi-cord sole.

I’ve always loved the multi-cord sole, and instead of using a decorative stitch over it – I use monofilament thread and a 3 step zigzag to ‘couch’ it down.  The grooves or holes in the foot make the yarns HAVE to lay in a certain order.  Here, I’m using MOSS Oliver Twist Yarns.

Tie a knot with yarns behind the multi-cord sole to prevent them from coming undone when not using the foot.

View from top of right shoulder

View from the back of the jacket

Alas – a#1 (and only) grandson – the ‘interesting’ age of 8) is with me this week, along with his 3 month UN-housebroken puppy – so you can figure the jacket is not done yet !!!  Vacation starts tomorrow – so when we return in 10 days, I’ll HAVE to finish this up quickly…

Are you working on YOUR jackets???  Remember my awesome Jacket Contest – Here are the rules…  It’s too hot outside to work in your garden – so enjoy your sewing room and hobby!!!! October 14 – Columbus Day is the deadline for entries…..

Win $250 in merchandise if you’re the top prize at the contest!

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