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Cardboard Templates – your BEST Sewing Aid!

SWAP progress…  for a ‘jacket’, I’ve elected to create Saf-T-Pocket’s Cheri’s Reversible Jacket. It is unlined, and can be worn at least 4 different ways.  I selected a jacquard wool/rayon blend fabric I found at one of the Expos in my SWAP colors, which is subtly different on each side.  My Assistant, Carol, strutted out in this great jacket for one of our TRAVEL DAYS (putting MY fashion to shame, for sure!) and I was so taken with it, that I just had to make one.  

Cheri’s Reversible Jacket

Mine is still in process (held up by the HUNT for buttons – which I finally settled on yesterday).  The first challenge was the ‘turned under seam allowance edges’ so that both sides look good.  There is NO way I could have done that well without the cardboard template technique I learned years ago from friend Linda Lee in her Sewing Workshop patterns….THANK YOU, Linda!!!  The one I used as you see in the photo below had to be cut 3/8″ wide in order to have any edge to press around it from the 5/8″ seam allowance.

One side is butted up against the seam (which I pressed flat, then open), and then the other raw edge gets wrapped, pressed around the template for a nice, sharp edge.

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