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Captivating Cowls New Pattern Booklet…Progress and RELEASE!

June 12, 2012

Busy writing a newsletter…and can FINALLY pick the printed booklets up tomorrow!!!  Ya don’t want to know the latest wrinkle! Anyway – all is well, and I’m REALLY pleased with this new Talking™ pattern booklet.  Already, it is selling like hotcakes! Thought you might find a snapshot of my ‘recording’ studio – yea, my ‘upstairs office’, where I record all of the Audio instructions that you access online at the url found INSIDE the pattern booklet.

My ‘recording studio’ for the Talking™ pattern booklets.

June 5, 2012

Though I THOUGHT it was ready – when I went to pick up the printed booklets, the fronts had been copied WRONG… so re-printing, and will be available June 10, as I’m leaving on a show trip………

HOWEVER, the electronic delivery version is available NOW.  Go HERE.

June 1, 2012

Wheww!!!!  A fire got lit under my behind, and it is all at the printer, and PERHAPS will be ready next week.  I’ve given my Dear Son a challenge to get the Talking Version for online done by Monday, but that is asking alot with a family gathering on Sunday, and he has his dear nephew tonight for a ‘Star Wars’ guy night………

But, surely by end of next week!  I’ll work on addressing the envelopes to all of you who have pre-purchased this pattern booklet so they can get right out to you on Tuesday hopefully.  However, also packing for the Amish Country Quilt Show in Dalton, OH on Tuesday as well.., sew… we’ll see.  I LOVE this pattern, the creativity it evokes, and the beauty of this classic style! I wore several of these tops last weekend on our Memorial Weekend Get-Away to Cincinnati, OH area, which we LOVE.  Went to the Creation Museum there – AWESOME!  Regardless of your position on Genesis, creation, age of the Earth, evolution, etc., give it a chance – go ‘test’ your faith.  As they say…’Prepare to Believe!’

May 23, 2012

Cowl Pattern Drafting Work

Cowl Pattern Drafting Work

All FIVE  versions of Cowl Necklines have been stitched. ..each at least 2 times! SEW – I’m on target for the June 15 release date as previously stated!  YEAHHH

Photos have been taken of the process – and the professional photo session is scheduled for last week.

All of the  directions for pattern drafting a Cowl Design (and variations) from a basic knit top – or T-shirt pattern are completed – AND tested with success by a friend.

All of the directions for the basic sewing:  Cowl neckline, shoulder seams, side seams (with shirring), and hems are written.

Yet to do:

Write specific directions for each of the 5 top variations.

Dictate ALL of the audio for the online Talking Pattern™ versions.

Send it all to the printer for formatting – then proofing/refining it repeatedly.

Here are some quick photos..


Illusion Cowl Neck Top

'Surprise' Cowl Neck Top

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