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Captivating Cowls New Pattern Booklet…Progress and RELEASE!

June 12, 2012

Busy writing a newsletter…and can FINALLY pick the printed booklets up tomorrow!!!  Ya don’t want to know the latest wrinkle! Anyway – all is well, and I’m REALLY pleased with this new Talking™ pattern booklet.  Already, it is selling like hotcakes! Thought you might find a snapshot of my ‘recording’ studio – yea, my ‘upstairs office’, where I record all of the Audio instructions that you access online at the url found INSIDE the pattern booklet.

My ‘recording studio’ for the Talking™ pattern booklets.

June 5, 2012

Though I THOUGHT it was ready – when I went to pick up the printed booklets, the fronts had been copied WRONG… so re-printing, and will be available June 10, as I’m leaving on a show trip………

HOWEVER, the electronic delivery version is available NOW.  Go