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‘Boba Wrap’ Baby Carrier – Make Your Own!

I think it’s special:  the last thing I stitched in my IL home sewing corner (basement), was a maternity top and pants for Dear Daughter…and the first thing I’ve completed in my new TN Sunroom Sewing Studio (check out my NEW sewing view below!) is…a knit wrap style baby carrier – and more maternity clothes coming up next – at least for my ‘personal sewing’ schedule.  This would also make a great Baby Shower  Gift.


Not that it really saves much $$ – but it was fun, interesting, and satisfying to create this ‘Boba Wrap’ as it is called at BabyRUs.  My hubby laughed and rolled his eyes when I came out with it on, carrying the closest thing I could find to a ‘baby’ in the house!  I do pray that my Granddaughter in God’s workshop (daughter’s womb) won’t come out with bunny ears like this…

Click on the photo to visit the website.  Scroll down on the product to see the ‘How To Wrap Video, but I’m adding some photos from that video and my own explanation to each step below.

Boba Wrap from BabyRUs