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‘Adorned’ Sweatshirt Jacket with Minimal Embellishment

Adorned Jacket w/ Minimal Embellishment (7 photos)

On this grey jacket, I did less embellishment (FAR less) than on the Chili Red Adorned Jacket. This jacket features creative use of sewing machine capabilities like Bobbin Work and creating a Shell-tucked edge. This jacket took approximately 8-10 hours to execute. I used the Brother Quattro 4 machine – on which the Bobbin Work was REALLY simple~!  This jacket style is being selected by many shops/guilds for my travels/workshops/events  during 2014, as it is easier, and much more likely to be accomplished in 1 to 1.5 days of work.  The Chili Red Adorned Jacket represents a full day’s work in just the embellishment alone.

Grey Minimalist 'Adorned' Sweatshirt Jacket